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MTG Mythic Storage Box!

MTG Mythic Storage Box!


The Mythic Editions are Ultra PROs most premium accessories for Magic: The Gathering! 


This Collection Cache Storage Box features:

  • A black leatherette material with a mythic orange embroidered Planeswalker symbol and matching stitching.
  • The two piece box features two channels sized to store and protect trading cards in sleeves and toploaders, Satin Cube and Alcove Flip deck boxes, and even rolled playmats!
  • Holds: 600+ double-sleeved cards per channel - 1200+ total, Up to 4 rolled playmats per channel - 8 total, Up to 3 Alcove Flip deck boxes per channel - 6 total, Up to 4 Satin Cube deck boxes per channel - 8 total.
  • 10 card dividers with over 100 rewritable sticker labels to help keep your cards organized. 
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