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Gates Of Delirium!

Gates Of Delirium!


One Gates of Delerium board game!


- 2-4 investigators

- age 14+

- compete for 45 min to collect the most victory points!


You have finally set out to find the truth. You've heard the rumors of ancient runes and the lost pages of a scattered tome that tell of ancient and evil monstrosities; calling for their return. You've heard tales of those who came before you in this search losing grip on their sanity as they grew nearer to the truth. As you press on you can't help but notice that you feel less attached to reality yourself. Some days you lose track of time and can't account for hours of the day. The whispers of secret gates to another world are growing stronger, and while no one knows who is building them... You have a Dreadful Hunch...Could you be the hidden architect of the Gates of delirium?

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